About US

Who Are We

We are am emerging IT school based in Kathmandu. Our core intrest lies in educating the bright and the curious people who want to get into the wonderful world of information technologies. If you have a desire to learn everything about this profession we are here to help you.

School of Information Technologies was founded by experts in the broad field of Information Technology in Nepal. Our founders and instructors are sought-after,competitive professionals, who have worked at various important IT companies, and who have now come together to be a part of your world.At School of Information Technologies, we see to it that nobody gets left behind

Take some time to reflect upon your need, and become a professional through our easy 5-step process.IT is an effective process that will ensure that you will achive your maximum potential with us.


Why Choose Us

We are a dedicated IT school, also determined to provide you with the best IT education you can get.
Here are top reasons to choose us:"

  • We have state-of-art labs that are always open.
  • We keep an optimum teacher student ratio so that you can get the proper attention you deserve.
  • We belive that an integral part of our vision is to train and produce a better,more competitive and innovative version of you.
  • Our courses are designed to train you with all necessary tools needed to work in the IT sector such as programming,design trends and web technologies.


Our Services