PHP Training in Nepal

Duration2.5 monthPHP Training in Nepal

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. There are many things to learn to be an expert PHP Programmer and after completion of this course students will be able to develop web application using PHP/MySQL into different levels such as: Basic PHP, Object Oriented PHP, and PHP Framework. This course is designed as per current need of web development market. This course (PHP Training in Nepal) is also very useful to those students who are from non- IT background.

Most of the programmers are working as PHP Developer in some of the top IT companies all over the world. PHP is one of the most popular language for web development used by developers. If we visit internet we can find millions of website built with PHP mysql. Wordpress is a very popular, free and open source content management system (CMS) which is also designed by PHP. Day by day modification for using PHP is being done by developing new frameworks

To provide advance ideas of programming Disseminate knowledge and skill to develop Web Application using OOP, MVC and LARAVEL framework. Make trainees able to understand various Techniques for website development

After completing course student will be able to develop projects using different way: Basic , OOP, MVC, Laravel

Trainees should have basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and Java Script. Prior knowledge on C and C++ will be an advantage for better learning.

After completion of this course, the trainee should develop dynamic website using core PHP and MVC framework.

Main Project:

  • Minor Project on Basic PHP and Laravel.
  • Major Project on OOP/MVC.

After successful completion of the above project student will be eligible for Certificate, Internship & Placement.

Course Contents

PHP Training in Nepal | HTML3, Object Oriented Programming, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajay, Domain, Hosting


Basic Revision

  • Choosing Code Editors / IDEs
  • Core concepts of HTML/HTML5
  • Understanding Uses and Modification of CSS Components for Web Developer
  • Using Bootstrap framework
  • O/P : Design Basic website layout,Tables,Forms

 Basic terminology

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • CPanel and Uploading website
  • Client/Server Architecture


Setup with Different Environment

  • Introduction to PHP
  • How PHP scripts works and why to use PHP?
  • Installation and Configuration: Setting up PHP Development Environment
  • AMP Stack and Working with configuration files (php.ini and httpd.conf)
  • Change Runtime Configuration of Server
  • Basic overview of working in team using version control tool like GIT, Github,
  • Other tools overview like composer for package management
  • O/P : Setup Server and Modification of Configuration

Basic Starting of PHP Code

  • Syntax, Quotes, Comments and Special Characters
  • Building and running our first program
  • Output Commands (echo vs print)
  • Debugging basics
  • PHP with HTML
  • How to embed PHP into HTML
  • How to embed HTML into PHP
  • Validating and Escaping

PHP Identifiers

  • Variables and Constants
  • PHP Data Types
  • What is Array?
  • Basic Uses of Array
  • Accessing and playing with Arrays
  • Important inbuilt array functions :array_merge,array_sort, rsort, ksort, krsort,in_array,array_search,array_keys,array_values,array_chunk,array_count_values,array_unique,count,array_push,   array_pop,array_shift,array_unshift
  • O/P: Displaying Tables Data Using Array with using array functions.



  • Introduction and types of operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical (or Relational) Operators
  • Conditional (or ternary) Operator

Control Structures (Conditional statements and Loops)

  • Usage of Control structures
  • Types of Conditional Statements
  • if else condition
  • The switch statement
  • Loop Statements (for, while , do while, for each)
  • break and continue statements
  • Nested control structures and loops
  • Working with table and array data using loops,
  • Handling 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional and multi
  • Dimensional array data and display in tabular form,
  • O/P: Display Table information with different types of loops and conditions.

Understanding HTTP Verbs and Methods

  • Form handling with GET Method POST Method
  • Working with forms (in detail)
  • Creating a form with different form inputs
  • Using hidden fields
  • Redirecting the user from one page to another
  • Upload and Delete Files (multi part form data)
  • Server Side Validations
  • O/P : Retrieve of Form data, Starting project setup idea and login form validations

 Session and Cookies

  • Understanding Session and Cookies
  • Session Functions: session_start,session_destroy,assigning session variable,retrieving session variable
  • Setting ,Reading ,Expiration of Cookies
  • O/P : Develop Login System using Session and Cookie


  • Introduction to function
  • Types of function (library functions(Inbuilt) & User Defined function(Custom))
  • Function parameters (With or without and conditional parameters)
  • Return Value Functions
  • Variable scope into different function
  • Working with Some useful functions (String, Date time,Array)
  • File Inclusion Function(require,include)
  • Email Functions (Sending Email) and Concept of SMTP

PHP String Manipulation Functions

  •  Joining and Splitting String
  • Compare String with strcmp
  • Generate Substring with substr
  • Determining the length of string with strlen
  • String Patterns Matching
  • Other string functions
  • O/P: Displaying Information using all above functions

File System Functions

  • File Constants
  • Creating and deleting a file
  • Opening a file for writing, reading, or appending
  • Reading and writing into files(String, Characters)
  • Working with directories
  • Checking for existence of file and check size of files
  • O/P: Concepts of maintaining Log for Projects 


  • Introduction to Database
  • DBMS vs RDBMS?
  • Introduction to MySQL / MariaDB
  • Understanding Database, Tables, Row,Columns,index
  • Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Brief description of DDL,DML,DCl
  • Using Database Management tools (PHPMyadmin/ MySQL Workbench etc.) to handle database
  • DDL Command(Creating and managing database,Select Database and Data form table,Create Tables,Alter table and fields)
  • DML(Inserting Data using different methods,Selecting Data,Updating Data)
  • O/P: Create Database,Table,Altering Table Structure

CRUD Application using MySQL

  • Login System Using Database
  • ER Diagram
  • Creating Users
  • Insert Data into different tables
  • Select Data into different format
  • Update information into table
  • Delete data from database
  • Soring,Searching data
  • O/P: Complete Admin Panel and Displaying Tables into Different Table

Database Advance Topic

  • DCL Commands (GRANT and REVOKE)
  • Creating Primary, Index and Unique Keys
  • Primary Key, Foreign Key Relationship and Mapping
  • Maintaining Foreign Key Constraints
  • Joins and Types of JOINS with examples
  • Builtin Database Functions
  • Prepared Statements
  • Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • Transactions

PHP Database Extensions and Drivers

  • Mysql and Mysqli extension
  • Conecpets of PHP Data Objects (PDO) API
  • ODBC Concepts

JavaScript and jQuery Concepts

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Data types, operators, conditions
  • Events, function
  • Array and Objects
  • Introduction to Jquery
  • jQuery Syntax
  • jQuery implementation
  • jQuery Effects and events
  • jQuery Selectors and Traversing
  • jQuery Custom Functions
  • Client Side Validations
  • Ajax ( Javascript and jquery) -Searching,Filtering,Loading Data
  • O/P: implementation of jQuery and it’s plugin into projects

 Object Oriented PHP

  • Introduction to OOP
  • Defining Class in PHP (Properties,Methods)
  • Instantiating a class(Crate Objects)
  • Constructors and Destructor
  • Class constants / Attributes and methods
  • Visibility Access(Access Modifiers) – public,private,protected
  • Static ( properties and methods)
  • Inheritance in PHP
  • Overrides and Overloading
  • Abstract Class and methods
  • Object Interface
  • interface vs abstract class
  • OOP Keywords (Class Auto load, Static & Final Keywords)
  • Auto loading Classes / Magic methods
  • Serializing Objects and Destroying Objects
  • Namespaces
  • Built in Functions that work with classes

Exception Handling

  • Introduction to Exceptions Handling
  • Using Try & Catch ,Throw blocks
  • Generating Custom Exceptions
  • Multiple Catch Blocks
  • Default Exception processing

Project Work Using OOP PHP -CMS

  • File structure / Code file organization
  • Code Structure and Documentation
  • Login System using OOP
  • CRUD using OOP
  • Displaying information using OOP

Web Security in PHP

  • Introduction to Web Security
  • Implementing Security in PHP
  • Security concerns in MySQL
  • SQL/OS/Code Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) / CSRF Attacks
  • Session Hijacking
  • Client side Validating Forms with JavaScript
  • HTML5 Form Validation
  • Server side Validating Forms

MVC Framework Baseline

  • .htaccess Files and regular expressions
  • Bootstrapping Applications
  • File structure / Code file organization
  • Managing Code Library and Folders
  • Design pattern and introduction
  • Model / View / Controller design pattern implementation
  • Library Classes
  • Model classes and abstraction, database access and patterns
  • View classes and layouts
  • Design Patterns


  • Creating an MVC framework
  • Flowchart and DFD Diagram
  • UML Diagram
  • Class
  • Usecase
  • Interaction diagram
  • Create Projects using payment gateway

 Project Work:

  • Create Realtime CRUD application using the  Bootstrap template.

Web services and API

  • Web services
  • Data formats (JSON,SML)
  • Parsing APIs
  • Web services requests
  • SOAP services
  • RESTFUL services
  • Handling JSON in PHP
  • Parsing JSON 

XML with PHP

  • What is XML
  • XML Syntax
  • Document Type Definitions(DTD)
  • Parsing XML With PHP
  • Web services with XML
  • PHP and XML
  • Fetching and handling RSS Feeds
  • Using XML as a String

Version Control and Composer (Dependency Manager)

  • Composer and installations
  • Composer.phar
  • Composer.json
  • GIT and Github
  • Setup Repository
  • Important Keywords(Pull,Push,Fetch,Commit)

Framework: Laravel

  • Introduction with latest version
  • Routing
  • Migration
  • Seeding
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Views
  • Requests
  • Session and Flash Message
  • Scaffolding
  • Templating using blade
  • O/P: Create a CRUD projects using laravel

Extra Features for  Project:

  • Introduction to GD library
  • Working with images
  • Create PDF
  • Generate Excel File
  • Reading CSV and Writing CSV
  • Image generation
  • Creating a Simple Image
  • Using True Type Fonts
  • Saving and Building on Existing Images
  • Creating a Captcha Image

 Deployment of Projects




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