REVIT  training in Kathmandu,Nepal

Duration1.5 monthREVIT training in Kathmandu,Nepal

It is a building information modeling software. It is used in the different field of engineering like
Architects, civil, and structure, MEP. It is developed by Autodesk. It is mainly used for 3D
modeling but works together with 2D and 3D at a time which makes the user more friendly. It’s
rendering portions mainly depends upon its family material properties and system
configurations. REVIT family can be modified by adding external material like any picture taken
my own camera can be added or it can be downloaded from its website. MEP parts are most
important for this software which helps in plumbing and other functions also.

  • It has the wide range of application for building information modeling (BIM).
  • It can handle everything from preliminary 2D layouts and projects conceptions to final 3D rendering.
  • REVIT MEP IS most important in the construction industry. Mainly professional are more interested all over the world.
  • It supports features for civil & structural, Architectural engineering.
  • It can also be used to track the building lifecycle from concept to completion.

Revit is user friendly & there are specific tools to model walls, doors, windows and other components which are not included in the AutoCAD. Also drawing in 2D will automatically generates in 3D model. After completions of this course one should able to know

  • Draw model (2D & 3D) with proper scale
  • Use the different concept of the level like in building site, plinth, 1st floor and so on.
  • The MEP parts.
  • To use or introduce walkthrough in a project.
  • Use the schedule parts which helps in an estimate of the building.
  • The concept of Navigations.

Course Contents

It includes both 2D, 3D, MEP modeling of the building.


  • Grids creations
  • Level concepts
  • Grid bubble concepts
  • Dimensions
  • Storey height
  • Coordinate System

Modeling (Drawing)

  • Basic modeling and geometry
  • Units
  • Drawing commands
  • Modification
  • Opening
  • Doors and windows
  • Floors and Roofs
  • Dormer
  • Walls(Interior & Exterior)

Creating views

  • Sections (Building and it’s details)
  • Interior Design
  • Opening in ceiling
  • Adding light in ceiling and adding light outside of the building
  • Different materials and it’s properties
  • Adding plumbing fixtures

Stairs, Ramps and Railing

  • Creations of stairs, ramps and railing
  • Railing boundaries
  • Stairs and railing families
  • Addition of landing
  • Addition of ramp

Site and Topography

  • Adding site to the project
  • Adding contour, building pads and components of site
  • Adding property line
  • Site orientations


  • Exporting a model to CAD
  • Exporting a 2D model
  • Importing a model on analysis software like ETABS/SAP200/STAAD Pro.
  • Adjust the setting


  • Edit
  • Mirror
  • Split
  • Trim
  • Offset
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Rotate
  • Array (Radial/Linear)
  • Locking The Grid
  • Align


  • Dimensioning (Aligned, arch length, radial, angular, linear)
  • Adding text
  • Adding (Tags, individuals tags, Tags by material)
  • Keynoting creations


  • Adding notes, notes by materials
  • Creating detail groups
  • Drawing details

Phasing and design options

  • Managing project phasing
  • Creating an existing phase plan
  • Creating a demo plan
  • Examining phase filters
  • Design options

BIM management

  • Setting up the templates
  • Manage a setting
  • Import and Export setting
  • Modifying the text placement
  • Adding leader text

Creating sheet printing

  • Creating Sheets, sheets organizations
  • Viewports modifications and its elements properties
  • Addressing and editing project parameters
  • Edit/revision to the sheets
  • Printing from REVIT architecture

Creating family

  • Additions and Creations of family
  • Adding dimension to the family
  • References

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