Advance Excel Training In Nepal

Duration1 monthAdvance Excel Training In Nepal

Advance MS-Excel training is focused to manage and analyze the huge number of data.

Accountants, researcher, corporate business leader, students and other professionals who want to manage data for enhancing their analytical skills and strategic decision-making ability to perform the business operation.
The student should have knowledge of Basic Excel.
The course aims to make trainees familiar with advance MS-Excel features that are useful in performing complex business operations and overall management functions.

Course Contents

Major Topic of Advance Excel training.


  • If, And, Or Functions
  • Array Functions
  • Auto-fill And Custom List
  • Auto-sum With Row Reference And Column Reference
  • Concatenate
  • Condition Formatting With Mod Function
  • Convert Function
  • Count blank And Count Function
  • Creating Combo Box
  • Large And Small
  • Find, Search And Mid Function
  • Formula Copy Shortcut
  • Hyperlink Through Drag And Drop
  • Index Function
  • Information Function
  • Left And Right Function
  • Macro In Excel
  • Match And Index Function
  • Match Function
  • Mod Function
  • More Text
  • Nested If
  • Proper, Upper And Lower Function
  • Rank Function
  • Replace And Substitute Function
  • Sumif, Countif, And Average if Function
  • Sumifs, Countifs, Averageifs Function
  • Text Functions
  • Transpose Function
  • Lookup
  • Weekday
  • Form Creation Using Developer Tab in MS Word
  • Insert And Edit the Data in Multiple Worksheets
  • Insert Watermark in Excel
  • Quickly Transpose Data Using Shortcut
  • Turn Off And On Worksheet Tabs And Scroll Bars 

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