Ms Project Training in Nepal

Duration1 monthMs Project Training in Nepal

This module provides students with practical and best practice project management theory and concepts so that they may effectively contribute in and lead multicultural team projects framed for the new global economy. The practical component includes a team-based software development project (MS Project) that runs throughout the duration of the module. Microsoft Project 2016 is a project management application used for managing projects easily and efficiently. The application uses various features to easily collaborate on projects, understand its history and progress in a glance, and create professional reports. Microsoft Project 2016 Training Course is designed for beginners where they will develop important skills in planning a project, task entry, resource entry, task linking, and more. After the completion of the course, participants are able to effortlessly conduct all basic tasks to create and track projects.

Upon completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of project management to real-life projects and problems.
  • Plan, organize and manage complex projects.
  • Perform project Decision & Risk analysis and related financial calculations for complex projects.
  • Develop proficiency in various project management software, including CPM and PERT, via an experiential learning experience.
  • Access the toolbar
  • Open and view a project
  • Use the TimeLine feature
  • Apply filters
  • View the network diagram
  • Define a project
  • Set project properties
  • Create a new basic calendar
  • Save a project file
  • Amend a standard calendar
  • Enter milestone and summary tasks
  • Insert, delete and move tasks
  • Add notes to tasks
  • Add recurring tasks
  • Work with task durations and relationships
  • Set resource availability dates
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Understand resource costs
  • Baseline a project


Course Contents

MS Project Training in Nepal


Understanding the Software

  • Project Management overview and introduction to the Project 2016 interface
  • New features and edition comparison
  • The new user interface with ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using the new TimeLine feature
  • Introduction to Project Views
  • Exercise: Opening and viewing a project
  • Using the ‘Group by’ Feature
  • Using the ‘Highlight Feature
  • Viewing and changing the Project Information
  • Viewing the Network Diagram
  • Applying a filter
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Understanding how MS Project helps you plan and adjust your projects
  • Project Terminology

Commencing a project

  • Planning the Project
  • Defining the Project
  • Completing the Project Definition
  • Project Planning
  • Completing the Project Plan
  • Where to begin with MS Project
  • Setting the project start date
  • Project Properties
  • Amending the Standard Calendar
  • Creating a New Base Calendar
  • Displaying a Specific Calendar on the Gantt Chart
  • Saving the New Project File
  • Ending a Project Session

Scheduling and Planning

  • Task Entry and Task Linking
  • Entering tasks, milestone and summary tasks
  • Inserting, deleting and moving tasks
  • Adding a recurring task
  • Adding a note to a task
  • Understanding the new Task Mode in Project 2010
  • Working with task durations and relationships
  • Using lag time and lead time
  • Exercise: Creating a new project
  • Creating constraints for tasks in Auto-Schedule Mode
  • Resolving scheduling conflicts
  • Setting a deadline on a task
  • Quick Reference

Baselining the project and evaluation

  • Resources and Resource Entry
  • Using the Resource Sheet to enter resources
  • Assigning and amending a resource calendar
  • Setting Resource Availability Dates
  • Understanding Resource Costs
  • Assigning resources to tasks using Auto-Schedule Mode
    Using Material Resources


  • Assigning resources to tasks - Manual vs Auto-Schedule Mode
  • Using the Task Inspector and Team Planner to view and change assigned resources
  • Baselining your project




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