Wordpress Training in Nepal

Duration1.5 monthWordpress Training in Nepal

WordPress being open source and popular blogging platform is being used extensively around the world. It is a content management system that makes website development as simpler as uploading status or picture on Facebook. Various websites and blogs are now being developed using WordPress consequently the scope of career in WordPress developed is also rising. Being open source, it has a huge community of volunteers contributing towards its growth.

  • Developers can specialize on themes development and sell them in popular themes market.
  • Developers can also specialize on plug-ins development as they are popularly used for various web applications development.
  • Large community support and easy availability of important WordPress themes and plug-ins

After the successful completion of this training, the students will be able to: Set up and install WordPress Download plugins, themes and use them to build a website. Create posts, pages, sidebar etc. Configuring templates Develop, administrator and update a website or blog using WordPress. Add, configure Plugins and Widgets and manage media

The primary requirements for trainees should have basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and PHP. However the individuals without programming knowledge can also pursue WordPress training.

Course Contents

Wordpress Training in Nepal

Foundation of Wodpress

  • Relevancy of WordPress Framework
  • History and Introduction of WordPress
  • Discussion on prerequisites for WordPress Developers

Introduction of WordPress Based Website

  • Basic Understanding OOP programming
  • Installation of WordPress on WAMP/XAMP servers
  • Understanding WordPress Dashboard
  • Default WordPress Setting Overview
  • Default WordPress Themes
  • Default User Role
  • Permalinks
  • Widgets
  • Sidebars
  • Post
  • Page
  • Categories
  • Comment
  • Media
  • Menus
  • Templates
  • Featured Image
  • Appearance
  • Header Design
  • Background Design
  • Footer Design
  • Sidebar Design
  • Editor
  • User Role

Working with WordPress Theme

  • Installing and customizing the theme using all default settings
  • Customizing templates
  • Customizing widgets
  • Customizing appearances

WordPress Files Structure

  • Overview of file structure of WordPress
  • More in Details about wp-content->Plugins/themes/uploads
  • Creating custom theme
  • Modifing theme files such as page.php, single.php, content.php, functions.php, header.php, footer.php, style.css, search.php and others.
  • Creating custom template
  • Creating custom widgets
  • Creating external css file
  • Handling external js file

WordPress Database Structure

  • Overview of WordPress Database Structure
  • Tables for options
  • Tables for user-level access
  • Tables for post and meta-post

WordPress Custom Theme Development

  • Working with html into WordPress site
  • Organizing post, page, categories, templates, menus, links (internal/external), comments, widgets, search boxes as per requirement
  • Managing default as well as external css file
  • Implementing js files into custom theme

WordPress Plugin Development

  • Understanding Plugin for custom post type
  • Understanding Plugin for admin columns
  • Understanding Plugin for advance fields
  • Understanding Plugin for customizing WordPress Dashboard
  • Custom Plugin Development using WordPress Plugins
  • Troubleshooting WordPress CMS
  • Submission of Individual WordPress Site with Relevant CMS
  • Tips and Tricks for troubleshooting
  • Fast and adequate code managing

Implementation of Featured Plugin

  •   Plugins for CMS customization
  • Plugins for SEO

 WordPress Site Maintenance

  • Database maintenance for live implementation
  • User level permission to all needed folders and files
  • Troubleshooting live WordPress sites

Project Work (Creating a website/ Blog)

Finally students will learn to create a website using WordPress. During the training, the instructor will demonstrate how to develop a plugin or theme. Students will also be assigned a project work to develop custom WordPress themes and custom WordPress plugins. Normally we will train students to develop a comprehensive website like news portal as a project work where students can use all the contents that they have acquired during the WordPress training.

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